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Another Break

I was hoping to get some pages up (at least replace the one I put up on April 1st), but I think I need to take another break (and here I was doing so good recently).
This is the last month of classes, and there's several things I need to do. I guess I should've worked on some things before now, but I'm not the type to get a head start on things, even when I try to. (seems like it's too early to be worrying about finishing classes, but I usually feel that way, I've put off some rather large projects, and the classes end pretty early this year. I thought they usually went into May.)
So, I probably won't be updating too much until next month. I might replace that last comic, though. If I do, I'll probably link to this news post, because I'm not sure how many people see these things.

I've probably mentioned this stuff before, but the comic's at least halfway done now, and the current part begins to wrap it up. After this part's done, there's only one more part to it (I've separated the comic into parts, as can be seen in the comic's jumpbox). I'm not sure how many pages those last two parts will have yet, I haven't scripted them out yet. After I finish the comic, though, I've been planning on having at least two short stories that have something to do with the comic, but not with the main plot (maybe two or three pages long each). Although, I could put those up before I start the last part, instead. It depends.

posted by Asj @ Apr 05, 2010 01:39 pm  -  1 Comments

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I like your work.. I'm really not a fan or Fanart mangas, but I really like yours. So Keep up the good word... Your artwork is excellent. GOOD JOB!!!

posted by marqees101, Jun 23, 2010 12:35 pm

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