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Comic Direction: 2nd part

Looks like this has 20 fans now. ^_^
So, the current scene finishes up with page 16 and ends what I think I'll dub as the first part. Hopefully it's somewhat clear what's happened. It's about realization, now that I think about it.
The next two or three pages after that might be slightly redundant (I guess I just like people yelling at Ichigo. ^_^"), and then he starts considering what he will decide to do now (oh, look, the title - Decision). So I guess it will be about acceptance or denial, whichever Ichigo decides to do.
I haven't really planned out many pages for it yet, though. It's giving me a boring feeling and I probably need to think of something interesting to happen. It's the middle part... between the beginning of the comic and the stuff that happens near the end.

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