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New banner

I finally made a banner that fits the template. :D (after so very long) If you didn't notice, I had stretched the old banner to fit, making it look kind of blurry (that banner was made for the Smackjeeves' comic profile. (I actually made this new banner twice as big as the template needed)

I named the banner IchigoComicBanner4 (because it was the fourth one I made, not counting small variations. The first was the bright one on the cover page 1st, the second was a night version of the same 2nd, and the third was the one I made for my signature in the Smackjeeves forum 3rd).

This banner is meant to be the last one, and is meant to kind of summarize the comic (although I probably failed somewhat). If you want to know, I can tell why I added everything I did, including the color (although the background image with the trees was added just because it looked too plain without something).
I fixed a few details in the Bleach logo I'd messed up on in the past, took the comic name out of that logo and drew in the Bleach katakana, and put the comic name in big letters (I thought about adding Decision's katakana under it, but decided not to).
The zanpakuto ended up in possibily a bad area (it might blend in too much with the D in the title), and I may edit that in the future if I feel I should. But, it's mostly finished.
I also thought I should update the comic's description, so it's a little different than earlier, too.

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