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The morning of August 9th, 2009, I had a dream that was about a person who had some type of special skill, I think she could paint reality or tell the future or something. At the end, her arch nemesis opened a portal to another manga (or dimension) and said how her power wouldn't work in that dimension (and was going to shove her through, of course). She also wouldn't know anything about that place.

The dream was probably mostly inspired by the first chapters of an Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction titled "The Switch Glitch: The Movie". In the original fic, a girl knew the future because she was a fan of the FMA anime, before ending up in the middle of the series. In this sequel to the fic, she was in another dimension, and she no longer knew the future since the timeline went past the end of the series and the movie. The main character of the dream was meant to reflect myself and a fear of losing myself in some way, but she also felt a little like Ichigo (I can usually feel the essence of characters in my dreams. I can usually feel a part of myself and some anime character or something within a character).

At the time, I was wanting to try making a short comic in order to get better at making comics, and get faster at drawing. I thought the main idea of the dream might make an interesting fancomic, and Bleach seemed like the most fitting series for it to take place within (and Ichigo has a similar fear about losing himself).

The main idea of the comic was to have Ichigo lose his powers (I like mopey Ichigo). Most of the story was actually thought of at the beginning, but it's the little details that's hard to figure out. It could have been done much better, and there's a slight possibility of remaking the comic after it's finished.