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Bleach: Decision! Ichigo's choice

Decisions are made every day. Whose decision is this to make? A Bleach fancomic that takes place during the Arrancar arc of the anime. Someone decides Ichigo is better off without his powers. Ichigo has to choose whether or not he’s happy with the decision. There’s some similarities to the Lost Substitute arc, but this is purely coincidental. Warning for blood and violence toward the end.


New banner

I finally made a banner that fits the template. :D (after so very long) If you didn't notice, I had stretched the old banner to fit, making it look kind of blurry (that banner was made for the Smackjeeves' comic profile. (I actually made this new banner twice as big as the template needed)

I named the banner IchigoComicBanner4 (because it was the fourth one I made, not counting small variations. The first was the bright one on the cover page 1st, the second was a night version of the same 2nd, and the third was the one I made for my signature in the Smackjeeves forum 3rd).

This banner is meant to be the last one, and is meant to kind of summarize the comic (although I probably failed somewhat). If you want to know, I can tell why I added everything I did, including the color (although the background image with the trees was added just because it looked too plain without something).
I fixed a few details in the Bleach logo I'd messed up on in the past, took the comic name out of that logo and drew in the Bleach katakana, and put the comic name in big letters (I thought about adding Decision's katakana under it, but decided not to).
The zanpakuto ended up in possibily a bad area (it might blend in too much with the D in the title), and I may edit that in the future if I feel I should. But, it's mostly finished.
I also thought I should update the comic's description, so it's a little different than earlier, too.

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I started looking through some papers I have that relates to the comic, and I just happened to notice the date that I had written at the top of one of the first pages I'd written stuff down on (actually, I kind'a wrote out the whole plot, then started scripting out the first comic page). I probably wouldn't have noticed that date, except that today is 8-9-10 (last year, it was 8-9-09). It was this day last year that I had the dream that inspired Decision.
If I'd realized this sooner, I wouldn't have taken a break from updating, and would have worked on getting something up today. However, I've decided to make an about page in the comic menu, which tells more about how the comic came to be, including what the dream was about (because it totally has nothing to do with the plot of the comic).

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Another Break

I was hoping to get some pages up (at least replace the one I put up on April 1st), but I think I need to take another break (and here I was doing so good recently).
This is the last month of classes, and there's several things I need to do. I guess I should've worked on some things before now, but I'm not the type to get a head start on things, even when I try to. (seems like it's too early to be worrying about finishing classes, but I usually feel that way, I've put off some rather large projects, and the classes end pretty early this year. I thought they usually went into May.)
So, I probably won't be updating too much until next month. I might replace that last comic, though. If I do, I'll probably link to this news post, because I'm not sure how many people see these things.

I've probably mentioned this stuff before, but the comic's at least halfway done now, and the current part begins to wrap it up. After this part's done, there's only one more part to it (I've separated the comic into parts, as can be seen in the comic's jumpbox). I'm not sure how many pages those last two parts will have yet, I haven't scripted them out yet. After I finish the comic, though, I've been planning on having at least two short stories that have something to do with the comic, but not with the main plot (maybe two or three pages long each). Although, I could put those up before I start the last part, instead. It depends.

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Short(ish) break

So, I act like I know what I'm going to do next, and then I don't update for a month. >_>"
First I was getting behind, and then I got sick and I didn't want to get snot on the pages, and then... I thought I might as well wait until I know I can update regularly again. (some of those pages are just hard to figure out how to draw v_v )

I'm still wanting to finish this comic, though. Just wait on me a little longer, okay? ^_^"

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Comic Direction: 2nd part

Looks like this has 20 fans now. ^_^
So, the current scene finishes up with page 16 and ends what I think I'll dub as the first part. Hopefully it's somewhat clear what's happened. It's about realization, now that I think about it.
The next two or three pages after that might be slightly redundant (I guess I just like people yelling at Ichigo. ^_^"), and then he starts considering what he will decide to do now (oh, look, the title - Decision). So I guess it will be about acceptance or denial, whichever Ichigo decides to do.
I haven't really planned out many pages for it yet, though. It's giving me a boring feeling and I probably need to think of something interesting to happen. It's the middle part... between the beginning of the comic and the stuff that happens near the end.

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Site layout stuff

I think I got the rating stars to look the way I wanted. ^_^ Lookit my awesome rating stars - I just wonder if I should make the transition more noticeable, where the color blends in with the gray.

I was thinking of changing the color scheme of the comic, but I couldn't think of any colors to change it to and dark red and black looks okay, right?

I'm not sure yet if I'll update the comic Mondays and Fridays, or just Mondays...

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